Saturday, August 20, 2016

Starting again!

Long time since I posted here. Lots of things have happened and most was good, even great. But since I largely intended this blog to be about our boat travels and then we didn't actually start any travels on our  boat, I quit posting here.
BUT ... Now we have made a commitment to move Hey Jude to the Texas coast. And we are committed. We have sold our slip at Lake Travis Marina. The new owner has been kind enough to let us stay in the slip for a couple of months while we get all arrangements made to have her transported and also to get some work done.
Her eventual new home will be in Rockport at Cove Harbor Marina.

We will actually transport her to Clearlake first and have some work done first. Then we will drive her along the ICW to Rockport.

I'll post more info and pictures soon.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Occupiers of Our Time

So, there are lots of things that have been occupying our time  during the summer and recently.
We were in the July art show in Rockport:

Then we took a quick trip to Tampa, FL to visit friends, see some boats and relax.

We also "Stood with Wendy" on the steps of the TX capitol.
The biggest and best "occupier" of our summer time was these guys:
Yes, both daughters, both sons-in-law and all five grandkids were here for a little over two weeks!
Finally, just last weekend, Philip and I participated in the AIM at Melanoma fundraising Walk in Houston at the MD Anderson Cancer Center. It was a night walk that raised over $75,000.
So.... that's a recap of what we have been up to. Next, I will catch up on what has been going on with HEY JUDE.

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Short Updates

So, here is just one of many things that has been going on since I last posted.
The poor Lake Travis is getting smaller and smaller. Poor Starnes Island is taller and closer than ever before.
Last weekend, was clean up of the lake. At the Travis Lake Marina, a nice group of citizens were there to pick up trash. Plus boats brought  trash from other places on the lake and put it into dumpsters that were brought in just for the day.

 BTW, normally in a wet year, all of that land behind those people at the ramp would be under water.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Catching Up

Yikes - two months since my last post. But, we have been busy.
Philip put in two new batteries. Not easy. These suckers are heavy. That's why it's good to have friends in the marina who are willing to help.

He added fuses to the batteries also.
Then he added a battery selector switch and installed it to the area just below the bench in the salon for easy access.

And..... he also put in a new water pump. This is when you wish you had a really tiny friend to help. The space below the galley is really, really small. But, he did manage to get down in there.
And... put in the new water pump.
Now, I have been busy as well. Unfortunately, my project is taking me quite a bit longer and needless to say I am not through. I have taken on sewing the screen enclosures for the lower deck. I have that great Sailrite sewing machine that I have now lugged down to the boat so I can sew right there. But, I only get a little completed each time I go to the boat. Things are coming along and hopefully, I will finish .... just don't look real close at all my stitching. This has been harder than I thought!
I hang these up to check each step and then take them down. At least they run back and forth into the track at the top without any problem.
I am almost to zipper installation. Arghhh.
More to come.

Saturday, January 12, 2013

New Year - New Repairs

So we came to the lake to spend the New Year's Holiday on the boat. We just wanted to relax and have a restful holiday. And we did... well mostly. On Sunday before the holiday, the fresh water pump decided to take a holiday as well. I got up and took my shower just fine, but by the time Philip got in and lathered up, the water began to dribble and then stop. Luckily, I had bottled water in the pantry. He managed to rinse off with one of those, then he went below to detect the problem.
 Answer?? Non-functioning water pump. So... get out the tools, take out the bad pump

And this earned us a trip into the city and to West Marine. We bought a new one.

We caught lunch at Whole Foods (our healthy fix for the upcoming New Year's overeating that was to come) and headed back. Now came the hard part. Squeezing Philip's large frame into the area beneath the galley floor in order to install the new pump was difficult for him but worth several pictures for me. This is when both of us think of those boats we saw at the Miami boat show last year with engine rooms large enough for a small family to live in.

Something to remember... put on long sleeves and pants before you wallow on a fiberglass surface.
So, we have one more new part to our little old boat!
We were now able to take a shower and get ready to ring in the new year with our fellow Lake Travis friends.

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Christmas Parade Weekend at TLM

 I know it has been a long time since I  posted, but I have been busy on the other blog ( excuses, escuses). So, anyway.... this weekend the annual Christmas Parade celebration. We have had Christmas parades in weather so cold that you did not want to get out of the boat. But this weekend, the weather was beautiful. So Travis Lake Marina did things right!!
First, we ate - starting at 4:00 pm, everyone was invited to come have appetizers the ship store - UFLOATEM. The new owners let us bring food and drink down to the deck of the store and we visited and ate enough food to fill us all up (not remembering that after the boat parade, we would be eating dinner over on L-dock.
These are the new ship store owners, Lance, Teddy and Veronica. We are thrilled that they have chosen to be not only boat owners but store owners. We have all been wanting UFLOATEM to come back to its glory days and now there is hope.

This is just a sampling of the group. PD took tons of pictures, but I don't like to post closeups without a person's permission and we were way too busy having fun for me to remember to ask about that.
The evening was approaching and the weather was beautiful. Here is a shot of Starnes island just before sunset.

This was the leader in the boat parade last night. It just happens to belong to the president of the marina association and his wife, Mark and Janie Miller.
This is not the greatest shot, but at least one can see that there were lots of boats in the prade this year which was a wonderful sight.
We rode on a houseboat belong to friends on M-dock. Since you can't see the face of this fellow boat owner, I thought I would post the picture to show that we were having a good time.
So... a good time was had by all.
PD did actually get some work in this morning before we left to come back home.
He did some generator check up.
And then he worked on the old and heavy batteries. The thought is to replace them eventually with something lighter and easier to handle.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Boat Three

Just a quick note to say I actually tried out boat #3 about three weekends ago. Philip thought this might be a useful mode of transportation while cruising in the ICW or on the rivers... so we bought one. I am not graceful getting in or out, but then neither is Philip. (No pictures of this, thank goodness.) But I did row all the way over to Starnes Island and back.

So, yet another play toy, but it could be good exercise. Good for your arms for sure. Perhaps we will need a second!